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Turkey’S Strategic Vision 2023 Project

( 2008 - 2023 , Turkey )

By accepting 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey as a symbolic milestone “Turkey's Strategic Vision 2023” which is continued to brighten the future of our country since 2008, has been started under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and by the initiative of TASAM, a think tank and an NGO. A future vision discussion has been initiated by developing efficient cooperation processes with the participation of governors, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, universities and capital’s senior public management, the media and the private sector.


Predictions to raise our country above the level of contemporary civilizations have been revealed during the multidimensional studies of the project, which is built on 6 main themes "International Relations", "International Security", "Domestic Politics", "Economy", "Education, Science and Technology" and "Culture" in Macro basis. Then the activities of Strategic Locomotive Sectors including "Agriculture, Food and Livestock", "Security, Defense and Defense Industry", "Social Policy and Civil Society", "Vocational Education, Industry and High Technology", "Finance, Banking and Development", "Energy and Nuclear Technology", "Innovation and Human Development in Public Management", "Tourism, Environment, Urban Planning", "Automotive, Logistics, Transport" and "Health and Social Security" has been started to move Turkey towards these macro predictions.

"Development of Values - Turkey Vision | Reference Values​​, Institutions and Persons” events which are likely to play an important role on Turkey’s activity/reputation at regional and global level in the 21st century by revealing historical fundamentals and core attributes of the Anatolian civilizations accumulation, constitute the third and the final stage of the project.